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Saturday, 28 July 2012

We need your recipes!

Short blog post this weekend and one that’s more about contributions from you, the Blend blog readers.  
This year I’m going to be involved in the production of a cook book as part of my work with Blend. The idea behind the book is to produce one that’s not a poncy cheffy one, unattainable to the mere mortal with unaffordable ingredients and has a ridiculous number of processes. We actually want to produce one that is made up of recipes that normal people make in normal houses without a team of chefs on hand to do the mis-en- place. I’m quite fed up of seeing endless celeb chef cook books on the shelves of book stores, when pretty much everyone has got a recipe they knock up that they could share and other people would like to give a bash.
If you’re reading this and have got a recipe that means something to you and want it to be considered for our book, either put it as a comment at the bottom or email it to and we’ll see what we can do. Also if you’ve got a picture of you and your food to go with your recipe, please send it in too. The book should be out early 2013 but I’ll keep you updated on our progress on here.  
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